Research and Results

Across the state, Arkansas A+ Schools see significant changes

A Success Story: Hugh Goodwin Elementary School in the El Dorado School District

Chart on El Dorado's Hugh Goodwin Elementary School 2005-2007


Oklahoma A+ Schools

Oklahoma A+ Schools have outperformed their districts and state averages on standardized tests. Regardless of the year, whether urban or rural, in low-income or affluent areas, with majority of English as a second language students or gifted students, Oklahoma A+ schools perform better (as evidenced by the chart on the right).

Additionally, over five years, a research team from the University of Central Oklahoma, University of Oklahoma and Auburn University tracked Oklahoma A+ Schools. Their findings are summarized in the six volumes below.

Each of these reports uses different formative methods and perspectives to provide detailed and extensive information on how the initiative began, how it has grown and what researchers have learned. Included are literature reviews to substantiate their research assumptions and clear descriptions of the methods they used to gather and analyze their data. Click on each link to view the entire PDF versions of the reports from the Oklahoma A+ website:

The conclusion of the researchers was that Oklahoma A+ schools have:

  1. Higher Student Achievement
  2. Better Attendance of Students and Teachers
  3. Decreased Discipline Problems
  4. Stronger Parent and Community Involvement
  5. A More Creative and Joyful School Climate

Educator Testimonials

2014 Summer Institute Participants:

“Coming on I had a really really closed mind. I feel really really at home here. My goal this year is to be really really open minded.”

“Thanks for letting all of us be a family.”

“I feel like I actually have a voice. Like I can throw in my ideas. Not “they don’t really talk to first year teachers.” I’m glad that I found my voice.”

“I’m non-traditional, and I know now more what to expect.”

“I know that not only all of our children can read and will read, but that they will love reading.” (Reading specialist)

“The A+ model goes right along with the TESS evaluation system.”

“I’ve learned who my resources are with technology!”

“I think with the pressure of testing over the past few years, I’ve been so focused on math. This week, I’m beginning to remember my creative self.”

“The past two years, my motto has been:

  • Whatever (year 1)
  • Survival (year 2)
  • This year? I can believe.”

“I just feel refreshed!”

“I’ve never enjoyed institutes like I have this week. Most of the time it’s boring, and people read power points to you. I want to thank the Fellows for an outstanding week.”

“Every day is a better day because of all of y’all.”

“Not only have we had fun learning how to teach, but we’ve also had fun with each other. You’ve encouraged me to be a better educator.”

2013 Summer Institute Participants:

One new thing I learned … is that your best and greatest resources are other teachers. (6th grade teacher)

One new thing I learned … is that learning can be (and should be) fun! (5th grade teacher)

I discovered today that … there are very helpful teacher resources available to me. (5th grade teacher)

I am proud of the way … I learned how to manage a classroom when doing projects. (8th grade English teacher)

I’m feeling very positive about the 2013-2014 school year after this training. (11th grade teacher)

The experience that I value most from this conference is … collaborating with the A+ Fellows always pushes me to think differently about professional development and what our school can look like. I look forward to the day we use assessments that assess students through Multiple Intelligences and other learning pathways. (High School Principal)

I discovered today that … Common Core and the A+ Essentials really work perfectly together! (2nd grade teacher)

I rediscovered … the joy of teaching and seeing the learning process in action. (9th grade teacher)