We’re super passionate about what we do and about helping you discover the best solutions for your project. Please remember that the Advanced Technology studios, like the wood studio, ceramics, printmaking etc., are teaching spaces where everyone is expected to be responsible for their own work, from design to output.
File prep
If it’s your first time creating a certain kind of file we’re more than happy to meet with you just to check your file, or assist in getting you on the right path. This would be a time separate from the time you book on a piece of equipment.  This could be as easy as a drop-by when we’re in the lab, or could need a dedicated appointment time. Reach out, we’ll help you figure it out. 
It can take time to discover the best way of making something, we use trial and error to get this right to make the object you want to make. Some things we’ll know how to make right away, but art requires research and research takes time.
Output / Making the Thing
Please make sure that you’ve blocked out enough time to stay with your work while you’re making it. You are the expert on your work and you will know best if something is going wrong during output. Also, a lot of the machines we manage are dangerous and / or expensive and need watching over. Robots! Lasers! Pew Pew!
We’re always down to celebrate when you’ve mastered a project, we’re particularly fond of high-fives.



Preparing Vector Files for Vinyl Cutting

Files for vinyl cutting must be vector/outline files (EPS or Adobe Illustrator format). If you’d like help making a file please schedule a file prep appointment HERE.  Complex or small vector elements may not be feasible as cut vinyl. 

Using Bitmap Files for Vinyl Cutting

Raster images/bitmap files (including .bmp, .jpg, .gif, .tif, .psd) can not be used directly for vinyl graphics. We can help you trace, vectorize and clean up some high contrast scans or bitmap files if the resolution is sufficient, but this will add to the lead time production time of  your project. Please note that some complex images can not be made into vinyl graphics, or would be better suited to digital printing.

Tutorial Documents –