Resources for Hackathon Participants


To help you prepare for the upcoming hackathon, we recommend that you go through the following tutorials and videos to help you setup your personal laptop in preparation for the event.

You will be utilizing the Hyperledger Fabric Composer blockchain platform to develop your blockchain projects on a LinuxOne cloud-hosted system provided to you by IBM and available for 120 days after registration to allow you to continue to explore the environment and technology even after the hackathon.


We recommend that everyone go through the Blockchain Essentials course so that you can familiarize yourself with blockchain in general and Hyperledger Fabric Composer. This is a great introduction provided by IBM and will provide you with a “badge” from IBM that can be used to share with others that you have completed the training.

This year you will be allowed to develop a blockchain solution utilizing any platform, technology, and approach that you would like to develop on. However, we will be providing access, technical support, training, and experience with cloud hosting for IBM, Microsoft, and AWS.

Experienced mentors will be available with blockchain platform experience utilizing Hyperledger Fabric and Ethereum on-site on Saturday. Details regarding access to each service will provided to students prior to the event, during the pre-event training, and during the event on Saturday.


Detailed tutorials and information to configure a Hyperledger Fabric blockchain development environment are provided below. For information regarding access to other platforms and development environments please plan on attending the pre-event training sessions.”

The following tutorial and video will walk you through registering for your IBM cloud account and setting up the Linux box that will be used for the hackathon.



Tutorial Documentation:

Windows Connection Tutorial:

Note: If you are using a Windows computer as your personal computer, please see the end of the above video as well as the short connection tutorial for setting up your environment on Windows. Mac and Linux users can follow the video from the beginning.


The following tutorial and video will walk you through examining the Fabric Composer development environment, exploring and altering a blockchain business network, and generating a web-based application to interact with the blockchain.

Video Tutorial:

Tutorial Documentation:

These steps will introduce you to the environment and help you setup a development box so that you can practice and get comfortable with the environment prior to the event. We recommend that at a minimum you go through the above tutorials before the event so that you can utilize your team time most effectively.

Amazon AWS Student Signup Guide

View the PDF Guide.


Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What do I need to bring?
    1. You should bring your laptop and charger to complete your work during the day.
    2. You will not need to bring an idea or a team. You can create your own team (teams of 4 or 5 recommended) prior the event or meet with other participants during the Friday evening networking event to form a team around a specific use-case challenge.
    3. You also do not have to worry about food or snacks, we will have that covered throughout both days.
  2. When and Where can I start hacking?
    1. The details regarding the available software platforms that you will be provided to use during the event will be shared via email and during the pre-event training on Friday from 4:30-6:00pm. Access to a variety of cloud and blockchain platforms will be provided for students to develop their blockchain solutions. The details regarding the software platform that you will be using for the event, Hyperledger Fabric Composer, will be available for you to play with and get comfortable with prior to the event. This is a trial account provided by IBM on their cloud services that are available to each participant for 120 days after registering. On Friday evening you will notify the staff of the members in your group so that you can be assigned a location for Saturday. After Friday evening’s networking event, you can return to your home or hotel and work through the training materials further before the actual hackathon kickoff on Saturday morning. A detailed schedule of event is provided on the hackathon registration page.
  3. How much does the hackthon cost me?
    1. The hackathon is free and open to all University of Arkansas students. Our sponsoring companies and the University have provided meals, drinks, snacks,  challenges, and a place to work with your teams.
  4. What is the easiest way to get ahold of someone at the event?
    1. You send an email directly to one of the coordinators prior to the event with specific questions.
  5. I’m not a student, how can I get involved with the event?
    1. Unfortunately, we are only allowing current students to participate in the hackathon competition, however, if you are interested in visiting, please stop by on Friday evening or Saturday during the day and speak with some of the faculty, staff, company sponsors, and participants to learn more about blockchain. This will be an exciting event down on the Fayetteville square with a mix of blockchain novices and experts alike as we all dive deeper into this emerging technology. We will be providing a summary overview of the projects that were built and the winners of the competition through the hackathon page after the event has ended.
  6. How do teams work?
    1. Each team will consist of between 4 to 5 individuals. We have a wide variety of college majors attending (e.g., Information Systems, Computer Science, Supply Chain, Marketing, and Finance) to provide teams with the ability to gather skills and expertise from a variety of backgrounds. You are welcome to form teams either before or during the event. The Friday night event will be the registration of teams to specific use-cases that are provided by the companies. We will limit the number of teams working on a specific company’s use-cases to six teams.
  7. What if I don’t have a team?
    1. Do not worry If you do not have a team prior to the event, on Friday evening we will work with you to locate a team of individuals to allow you to participate in the event and be ready to jump into development on Saturday.
  8. What should I wear?
    1. This is intended to be a fun, relaxing, and exploratory event to increase your knowledge of blockchain technologies and its potential in a variety of industries. No need to dress up for the event or the presentations as each of the participants will get a blockchain hackathon t-shirt to wear for Saturday. These shirts will be your access to food, snacks, and dinner on Saturday so please wear them to spread the word!
  9. Where is the event located at?
    1. The event will take place at the University of Arkansas Union Ballroom in Fayetteville, AR. There is parking available at the Union parking garage and various lots around campus. Detailed parking and travel information will be provided prior to the event.
  10. Is this an overnight event?
    1. No, this year we are only doing a one-day hackathon event. Friday evening we will form teams and discuss the use-cases, after which you are free to return home, to your hotel, or to meet with your team to plan for things on Saturday.
  11. What should I expect if I’ve never been to a hackathon before?
    1. No worries if you have not attended a hackathon. While it is helpful to have some programming or blockchain experience, it is definitely not a requirement. We will be offering small workshops, online tutorials and training, mentors, staff, and faculty on site to help you out. Hackathons are a great place to accelerate your understanding, skills, and network around a specific technology. Come eager to learn, build, and showcase your ideas to your peers and our sponsoring organizations, and most importantly, meet others interested in blockchain technologies.

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Tutorials for moving files between a Mac and Linux computer or a Windows and Linux computer.

Mac (scp)
Windows (pscp) 

PSCP Download Links: