ELAC 5050 instructor teaching

International TAs

Are you an international graduate student with a graduate assistantship? Will you be a teaching assistant this semester or in the near future? If so, we offer a course that can assist you:

ELAC 5050. International Graduate Teaching Assistant Training

This course offers practical training in:

  • comprehensible spoken English
  • presentation skills
  • classroom management skills
  • understanding American university culture and the expectations of American undergraduate students

This course is NOT for degree credit. There is NO tuition (which means it is free to the student and the department at least for now).  The class meets for 4 hours every week.

The Graduate School & International Education offers this course every fall and spring semester. It is free for students who have obtained or who are currently seeking a teaching assistantship at the University of Arkansas.

For students who need additional practice in aspects of pronunciation, they should register for ELAC 2012: English Phonology for Non-Native Speakers.

“I have just started teaching. Now I can say how beneficial [ELAC 5050] was. In this class, I learned how to talk with confidence. I would recommend this class because one day is not enough to know if you are ready to teach as an international TA.”

“I have learned many things about a new teaching style which is effective. It improved my pronunciation and listening in English.”