Campus Resources

Through Class +, the University of Arkansas offers a number of services to assist students academically, including coaching, course study sessions, and tutoring (face-to-face and online).

Online Resources

Below you will find collections of useful online resources to develop your skills, organized by categories.  Click on a category to reveal its contents.

Academic Writing Resources
Purdue Online Writing Lab

A popular source of writing resources and citation style guides, including an APA Formatting & Style Guide and an MLA Formatting & Style Guide.

Synthesis Writing Unit

A short, self-paced unit designed to introduce students to synthesis writing and guide them through a simple synthesis task.

Grammar Resources

Take practice quizzes and access self-study materials on a variety of grammar topics, including clauses, noun phrases, verb phrases, adverbials, connectors, and more.

Tutorials and practice exercises for a wide range of grammar topics, including verb tenses, articles, conditionals, modals, gerunds, and prepositions.

Activities for ESL Students

A large collection of grammar quizzes organized by difficulty.  Easy grammar quizzes address topics such as articles, noun forms, prepositions, pronouns, tag questions, verb tenses, word order, and common word choice errors.  Medium grammar quizzes cover more verb forms, questions, conditional clauses, prepositions, reflexive pronouns, and more word choice topics such as forms of other.  Difficult grammar quizzes add topics such as active vs. passive voice, reported speech, participles, and comparative and superlative forms.

English Grammar Explanations

Another collection of lessons, with accompanying exercises, on a wide range of grammar topics, including articles, conditionals, gerunds, infinitives, modals, nouns, participles, passive voice, phrasal verbs, quantifiers, questions, reported speech, and tenses.

Grammar Education Resource Guide

This website links out to 40 useful websites that focus on English grammar skills.  Resources are categorized into general resources, reference resources, improvement resources, study resources, teaching resources, and additional resources.

Vocabulary Resources

A site designed to help you build your vocabulary.  Look up an individual word you’re curious about, choose an existing vocabulary list, or create your own list of words to practice and study.  The site will offer more than just dictionary definitions about your words.  It also gives detailed explanations and real life examples of usage.  Complete practice activities with your selected words and earn badges as you learn. will adjust itself based on how you do.


Make your own flashcards and quiz yourself with Quizlet.  Quizlet will read words for you, and you can include images from the web in your flashcards.  As you move through a flashcard set, you can ‘star’ specific cards that you want to keep practicing, gradually unstarring them as you gain mastery.  Play games and practice your spelling.


Another flashcard app that allows you to make 3-sided flashcards.

Listening Resources
This American Life

A weekly radio show that tells stories about Americans.  A good resource for picking up informal language, this show will also help you better understand aspects of American culture.

TED Talks

Short 10-20 minute lectures on just about everything.  You can follow along with an interactive transcript that highlights groups of words while they are spoken.  If you want to work on accent and American colloquialisms, be sure to listen to American presenters.

Fayetteville Public Library

Download free audio books from the Fayetteville Public Library.  Find a book that is easy to understand and interesting.  A great way to expand your vocabulary and improve listening comprehension.

VOA Learning English

A large collection of videos or audio recordings, organized by level of difficulty:  Beginner, Level One, Level Two, and Level Three.  Some include vocabulary support.  There is even a special section on the U.S. Constitution and a People in America section, which “tells the stories of living Americans from all corners of the globe.”

BBC Learning English

A site designed to provide lessons and multimedia materials for English learners.  You can take a stand-alone lesson, work through a larger course, or explore special sections that focus on pronunciation, vocabulary building, idioms, news, or drama.


A large collection of short audio and video lessons, where you can listen to English speakers talk about a wide range of topics.  Lessons include a transcript and a short comprehension quiz; some include a vocabulary challenge as well.  The lessons are organized by levels, from beginning learners to advanced.

BITS English Language Learning

Listen to audiobooks (including classics), short novels, and short stories, as well as talks, reports, and debates on a variety of topics.  You can choose to listen at a slower listening speed or a faster listening speed.  The talks are are organized into intermediate and advanced levels.

Pronunciation Resources
Phonetics: The Sounds of American English

An interactive site that shows animations of how each English sound is formed in the mouth and throat, along with sound clips.  Sounds are categorized by manner, place, voice, and type.  Also available for download as the Sounds of Speech mobile app.

A large collection of pronunciation resources, including lessons, practice materials, and podcasts.  Topics include sounds, syllable stress, sentence stress, and pitch.

Perception of Spoken English (POSE) Test

Oftentimes, difficulties with pronunciation are rooted in problems with listening perception.  If you have difficulty hearing the difference between similar vowel and consonant sounds, or hearing stress patterns in American English, you’re going to have even more difficulty producing them correctly.  This site offers a number of tests that can help you identify any areas of weakness you might have with your perception of English sounds and stress patterns so that you know what to practice.  You do not have to fill out the registration page in order to take any of these tests, but by registering, you can help the creators of this test with their research.  If you wish to skip registration, you can go directly to the POSE tests.

American English Pronunciation Practice

This site offers a collection of minimal pair practice exercises that help you discriminate between similar consonants and vowel sounds.  It also has some listen and repeat practice videos for word stress in two syllable words and for difficult sounds such as /l/, /r/, r-controlled vowels, and consonant clusters.

Speaking English Activities

From the Spoken Skills website, this page provides a collection of pronunciation exercises, in which you can listen to an example, record yourself, and compare your recording with the original.  Topics include consonant sounds, vowel sounds, minimal pairs, intonation, and stress patterns.  This page also addresses other skills, such as listening comprehension and presentation skills.

Rachel’s English

A large collection of video lessons on the basics of English pronunciation, on vowel sounds, consonant sounds, and dipthongs, as well as on intonation, linking, rhythm, and stress.

Okanagan College: English Pronunciation/Listening

Another collection of video lessons and practice exercises for minimal pairs.

International Faculty

Editing and Consulting Service

Provides editing services for faculty in the college.

Research & Sponsored Programs

This office provides assistance with finding funding, submitting proposals, and managing awards.

Investigator’s Toolbox

This page provides useful resources in three areas:  Finding Funding, Proposal Preparation/Pre-Award, and Award Management/Post-Award.

International Faculty Enhancement Grant

The International Faculty Enhancement Grant is intended to support faculty members with their comprehensible spoken English and understanding of U.S. classroom culture.