Visiting Students

The English Language and Cultural Studies program offers several academic courses specifically designed for the visiting non-native English speaking student. These courses provide opportunities for students to enhance their knowledge of U.S. Culture, Mass Media, Business English, or Presentation Skills while simultaneously improving their English language skills.


ELAC 1033 – English Language through Mass Media

Students expand their communicative language skills through the study of news and media. By analyzing the messages and methods used in a variety of sources, students improve their listening, speaking, reading and writing skills. Students develop critical thinking skills as they evaluate and synthesize ideas from the texts.


ELAC 2012 – English Phonology for Non-Native Speakers

This course is intended for students who want to improve their pronunciation. Students study the basic principles of phonetics and phonology of English in order to develop their ability to produce the standard American accents.


ELAC 2023 Business English Communications

This is a course for non-native English speakers to develop their oral communication skills for professional business settings. From informal dialogues to formal business presentations, students learn appropriate verbal and non-verbal communication strategies and develop confidence to communicate effectively and comprehensibly.


ELAC 2043 – Seminar in United States Culture, Communication, and Institutions

Through an in-depth study of American life, culture, communicative style and institutions, non-native speakers of English develop their critical thinking skills and improve their overall English language proficiency. Through an extended research project, students develop their ability to write a well-documented research paper and improve their presentation skills.


ELAC 2053 – Academic Presentations                                          

This course is for advanced non-native speakers of English to build skills and strategies for delivering effective, clear presentations in academic and professional settings. Students learn about organization, best use of visual aids, connecting with an audience, facilitating questions and answers, and intercultural issues that affect perception and comprehensibility.