LWVWC Lifelong Housing: Homes for All Ages Resources

Originally prepared in connection with a February 2017 program sponsored by the League of Women Voters of Washington County, Age Friendly Fayetteville, City of Fayetteville, and AARP Arkansas. Updated September 2017.

Program February 16, 2017

Lifelong Housing Working Group

A Working Group to look into creating a LLH Certification program for Fayetteville, AR was created following the panel. They held their kick-off meeting on February 17, 2017.

LLH Working Group “talking points” for members.

The Working Group is taking the certification program developed by Rogue Valley, OR as a starting point for their work. You can read about that program here:

Rogue Valley Council of Governments – Lifelong Housing

If you are interested in participating in the Working Group, please contact Beth Barham at beth.barham5@gmail.com.

AARP Community Challenge Grants

Additional Resources