Biomedical Instrumentation

This course is designed for biomedical engineering undergraduate students to learn both theoretical and practical concepts of bioinstrumentation and their applications in modern life science and medicine. Analytical experiments will be practiced in the laboratory along with the lecture section. This course covers basic topics in circuits such as charge current, voltage, resistance, power energy, linear network analysis, inductors, capacitors, operational amplifier, time-varying signals, active analog filters, bioinstrumentation design etc. The application of these principles and theories in bioinstrumentation design and development is particularly emphasized in this course. The lab section requires team work, planning, and data sharing.


Biomedical Microscopy (BMEG 5504, Fall) is an advanced course covering light microscopy techniques, conjugate image planes, principles of contrast, fluorescence imaging, confocal and multi-photon microscopy, electron microscopy, atomic force microscopy, image reconstruction and digital image processing with supporting units in tissue culture and histology. At the conclusion of the course, students should be able to:

  • Understand the principles of optical imaging, brightfield and fluorescence microscopy, laser scanning microscopy, electron microscopy, and digital image processing
  • Be able to design experiments appropriate for the microscopy method of choice, and understand sample handling, image acquisition parameters, and other techniques necessary to collect quality data
  • Understand good laboratory practices, and appropriate laser safety protocols