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2019 High School Ranking Data

2019 US Ranking for Arkansas High Schools (EXCEL)

2018-2019 Demographics Data

2018-2019 Demographics Data for Schools (Excel)2018-2019 Demographics Data for Districts (Excel)

2018-2019 ACT-Aspire Data

2018-2019 ACT-Aspire Data for Schools (Excel)2018-2019 ACT-Aspire Data for Districts (Excel)

2018-2019 Recognition Data and Letter Grades

Value Added Growth Scores for Arkansas Schools based on 2018-2019 Letter Grade Data (Excel)

NAEP 2019 Results

Volume 17, Issue 1 November 20, 2019 This policy brief examines Arkansas’ 2019 results and examines score gaps between student groups.  NAEP 2019 Results (PDF)