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2018-2019 ACT/AP Data

2019 ACT and AP Data for Schools and Districts2019 Grade 11 ACT Data for Schools and Districts

2018-2019 Graduation Rate Data

2017-2018 Graduation Rate Data for Districts (Excel)2017-2018 Graduation Rate Data for Schools (Excel)

K-2 Assessments

Volume 17, Issue 3February 19, 2020This brief examines the characteristics of the districts that have selected the various assessments available. It also examines student outcomes before and after the K-2 vendor selections to determine whether or not there...

Charter Schools in Northwest Arkansas: Patterns in Enrollment and Characteristics of Student Movers

Volume 17, Issue 3 February 05, 2020 This report examines patterns of enrollment and sector switches in the Northwest Arkansas school system, namely the region’s open enrollment charter schools and traditional public schools. Charter Schools in Northwest...

Enrollment Trends in Northwest Arkansas Charter Schools

Volume 17, Issue 2February 05, 2020This policy brief helps to draw conclusions about Northwest Arkansas charter schools based on the the enrollment trends in the region in recent years.Enrollment Trends in Northwest Arkansas Charter Schools