The University of Arkansas Office for Sustainability is launching the 2019 Greek Life Sustainability Scorecard. This is the second year that the program has been in place, and we would like to commend the sororities and fraternities that are participating. 

The scorecard focuses on five sustainability categories for a total of 25 available points.The categories on the scorecard this year are Awareness, Waste Reduction, Efficiency, Innovation, and Biodiversity. We’ll work with each participating Greek Life organization’s Sustainability Chair or House Manager to go through the scorecard. 

Waste Reduction is the largest category with nine points. Waste Reduction includes recycling a key component to a more sustainable campus. We have resources ready to help set up recycling in Greek houses.

The scorecard is already available, and will be due back to OFS by Oct. 1 of 2019. This gives each organization plenty of time to identify weak points and work with us to make improvements.

Last year, three sororities participated–Zeta Tau Alpha, Kappa Kappa Gamma, and Kappa Delta. Zeta scored “Gold” while Kappa and KD scored “Silver.” We can’t wait to work with more organizations this year and look forward to a year of great work with our fraternities and sororities!

By Sophie Hill, Zero Waste and Greek Life Sustainability Coordinator.