During finals week, some priorities fly out the window. It’s a vital time when school comes first and late night study sessions turn into all-nighters.

However, you can still live a sustainable lifestyle on two hours of sleep and eight cups of coffee.

Read on to see how.

  1. Turn-off the Electronics

You might enjoy studying with ESPN or Netflix streaming and a favorite new jam blaring on the stereo, but these are both a distraction and wasting electricity. Do yourself – and the earth – a favor and log off to study distraction free!

  1. Save the Notecards

Save paper by creating notecards online. There are many free websites to create and even share notecards! Save paper, money, and time by finding and making notecards online. You can even team up with classmates to make shared digital sets.

  1. Take a Bike Ride

Take a study break and ride the Razorback Regional Greenway anywhere from Dickson Street to Crystal Bridges. The fresh air and warm weather will clear your head while giving your car and the environment a break.

  1. Eat for Sustainable Success

When studying for exams, cooking is out of the question. Most people turn to ordering pizza, buying a bag of chips, or reheating Ramen Noodles. Instead, choose an apple or carrots and hummus. They’re not only healthier (and will keep you going without the crash) but they have smaller carbon footprints and use less packaging so less paper and plastic will go in the landfill.

  1. BYOM (Bring Your Own Mug)

Everyone needs a little extra caffeine to pull that all-nighter to finish the last paper or study just a little more for chemistry.  Try bringing a travel mug from home. Travel mugs hold more and costs less, which means you can keep your coffee stream steady on a smaller dime. All of our on-campus coffee shops will give you a discount for using your own mug. This also applies to water bottles.  Bring your own bottle and stay hydrated on campus for free.

  1. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

The 45 page review that is soon to be covering 87% of your dorm room floor is recyclable. After the final, throw the travesty in the recycling bin, or, better yet, pass it along to friend who has the class next semester.

  1. Smile!

Conserve energy. It takes twice as many muscles to frown than it does to smile! Research also shows a positive attitude helps make you more productive.

So stay positive, relax, and good luck! You’re almost there!