Elizabeth Hood was recently appointed sustainability director of the ASG Cabinet.  After completing the application process, Hood was offered an interview, and then ASG President Bo Renner appointed her Director of Campus Sustainability.

Elizabeth plans on achieving many goals with both organizations that she leads.  This year SSC will fundraise for hydration stations on campus, volunteer in the community, as well as advocate for several causes in Fayetteville and on campus. As ASG director of sustainability, she will serve on the University Sustainability Council, organizing campus events, work with the campus to increase recycling efforts and she would like to develop a plan to implement a Green Revolving Fund at the University.

Hood has also been a member of Student Sustainability Council (SSC) since her sophomore year. This year, when the new SSC adviser, Alison Turner, asked members to come forward into leadership positions, Elizabeth stepped up and is now the president of the RSO.

Hood was also an intern in the Office for Sustainability in the Spring 2013.

Hood says that the Foundations of Sustainability minor equipped her with theoretical knowledge of the systems of sustainability, and she gained valuable hands-on experience through the internship with the OFS. These two experiences have helped her realize the needs and potential our campus has regarding sustainability initiatives.