Throughout December, the Office for Sustainability is focusing on the theme of “giving.” The holidays are a time for family and celebration, but for some, it’s notsomerry. There are people in our own community who struggle to get by, to feed their families, and to pay their bills.  

We know that college students aren’t always able to give financially (college is expensive!) but there are plenty of ways to give back without going broke. 

Outreach Coordinator Brianna Warren volunteering at the Fayetteville Animal Shelter.

Outreach Coordinator Brianna Warren volunteering at the Fayetteville Animal Shelter.

December 3rd is Giving Tuesday. Giving Tuesday is a global movement that encourages generosity and good will. It began in 2012 by New York’s 92nd Street Y and the United Nations Foundation. It has since become its own organization and has spread across the globe. There are campaigns in many countries and almost every state across the U.S. The goal is to connect people through acts of kindness. asks that people give what they can, like: your voice, time, dollars, goods, kindness, and talent. 

Even if you can’t give your time, money or things, as a student you can give your voice. Share information about a cause that you care about on your social media, vote in elections and support local organizations doing good in your community. 

Locally, the United Way of Northwest Arkansas is hosting a fundraiser for Giving Tuesday. On the Giving Tuesday website, you can find resources for hosting your own campaign. They also encourage people to share their giving story for a chance to win money for your chosen charity.  The Giving Tuesday logo: #Giving is in blue and the "v" is replaced by a red heart. "Tuesday" is under the word "#Giving" in black.

The Associated Student Government, Volunteer Action Center, and Chartwells have partnered for a Meal Swipe Donation Drive. Students will be able to donate their unused meal swipes at any dining hall Dec. 2nd – 20th. Additionally, ASG is hosting a winter clothing drive Dec. 2nd – 11th. 

Even if you don’t participate in Giving Tuesday, you can apply the ideals to the rest of the season. Spend some time at the local animal shelter. Additionally, just be mindful that you can make a difference in other people’s lives and give yourself the chance to do so. 

Learn more about Giving Tuesday Here. 

By Brianna Warren, Outreach Coordinator.