As it stands today, the University of Arkansas is on track with our current diversion goals for zero-waste, which sounds great! But what exactly is diversion?

Diversion is actually the redirection of recyclables that would have been previously wasted… aka, re-using and recycling products.

Recycling is everywhere on campus, but that doesn’t mean we’re done improving the system. There are plenty of people working to ensure that recycling is accessible and popular, but there are things that you as a student can do to help as well!

Here’s a few easy ways you can make UA recycling better and more well-known:

  • Take photos of recycling and waste bins that you interact with on a daily basis (bonus if you post them on social media and tag us, @SustainUA!)
  • Make your your RSOs are hosting zero waste events
  • Let us know when you see a problem

Recycling is available all across campus in varying bins.

We’re lucky to have such a beautiful campus, and if we all do our part can maintain UA’s beauty for the generations of students and faculty to come. If you have any questions about recycling and the University of Arkansas zero waste plan:

  • Please contact us at our email:
  • Or at our office phone number: 479-575-3715

By Fischer Jones, Office for Sustainability intern.