Interview with Brittany Jurgens, a Junior Biology student and OFS Intern

Brittnay J

Brittany Jurgens

This week I had the chance to sit down with one of my peers here at the Office for Sustainability (OFS) and pick her brain about her job, the university, and sustainability in general. Here is what she had to say.

Q – What are you currently working on as an intern for the Office for Sustainability?

A – I’m currently working on writing a report that will be presented to the Hawaii Department Agriculture detailing the current agricultural problems in Hawaii and possible indicators they can use.

Q – What does “sustainability” mean to you?

A – Doing your part to help care for the earth and everything in it , making it last for future generations.

Q – How did you first become interested in sustainability?

A –  My father worked for the city of Fayetteville, and he was always a big promoter of sustainability both in the city and in my own home.  I grew up learning about recycling and recyclereusing materials.  Sustainability has always been a part of my life.

Q –  What is something you have learned about sustainability that has surprised you?

A – I am continually surprised by how many people do not understand basic elements of sustainable living like recycling.

Office For Sustainability House on Harmon St.

Office For Sustainability House on Harmon St.

Q – What is the OFS doing that you are proud to be a part of?

A – The Zero Waste initiative to eliminate waste from the campus. I love being a part of the team here at the OFS as we plan and implement this transformation.

Q – What is something you want the OFS and the U of A to take on in the future?

A – I want the University to partner with the OFS in promoting sustainability in general.  It is time we moved on from a “project” mindset and adopted a “habit” mindset.

Q –  What is a challenge you have encountered in trying live up to you commitment to sustainability?

A – It is challenging to deal with uncooperative and apathetic people, especially within my work at the OFS.  Sometimes it is hard to stay motivated with so much opposition, but the job – and its purpose – makes it worth it.

Q – What is something about sustainability that you want everyone reading this to know?

A – Sustainable living is not as hard as it seems, especially on an individual basis.  It takes being thoughtful and self-aware, but it is possible.  Just start one step at a time.

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