The flyer for the NWA Climate Strike, which is a white outline of the state of Arkansas with the text "NWA Climate Strike, Fri. Sept 27, Noon - 4, Fayetteville Town Center Plaza & Square"This Friday, September the 27th, Fayetteville will be joining the International Earth Strike by hosting our own Northwest Arkansas Climate Strike at the Fayetteville Square. There will be a Bicycle and People’s Parade at 12:00 pm followed by a concert. This event is free for the public and a perfect opportunity to learn more about the local, and global effects of climate change.  

The International Climate Strike is a global event following the Youth Climate Strike that occurred on September 20thThe Youth Climate Strike emerged in response to the escalating climate crisis. Students, employees, community members, and organizations across the globe gathered to demand climate justice for everyone, an end to the dominance of the fossil fuel industry, and to express their anxiety related to future on a planet whose future is looking bleak.  

This following International Earth Strike is a call to action. The goal of this demonstration is to apply political pressure on local governments and companies who are the main producers of greenhouse gas emissions. The current administration is rolling back essential environmental regulations and protections in conjunction with elected officials favoring private interests over the interests of their constituencies. This event also aims to influence decision makers to design policies that are sustainable in nature, provide equal environmental justice for everyone, and have visible and radical results.  

To see results at the local and global level, the climate movement must build in momentum. We need high turnout numbers in order to make a difference in the electorate and to build political momentum proving that the climate change movement is a force to be reckoned with. 

If you are interested in volunteering at the NWA Climate Strike, please register on GivePulse.   

By Aylin Pulido-Espinosa, Mobility Intern.