We’ll be highlighting RSO’s from the RSO Sustainability Coalition. If you’re interested in joining one of these organizations, be sure to check out their social media and HogSync page!

Meet the Recyclebacks, an RSO dedicated to keeping our community clean, primarily through–you guessed it–recycling. They host trail cleanups, work with other local sustainability groups, and have been featured by University of Arkansas journalism. Recyclebacks believe that saving the planet isn’t impossible, but we all have to contribute to make a change.

Recyclebacks picking up trash near the Pack Rat Outdoors Center.

Recyclebacks picking up trash near the Pack Rat Outdoors Center.

“My favorite part of exec team is that we get to do impactful work with a ton of amazing local organizations who all share similar goals for our community,” 2020-2021 Co-President Noshin Nawar said in a post about her experience with Recyclebacks.

Last year, the Recylebacks held cleanups across Fayetteville, worked with FHS students, and hosted fundraisers. Cleanups spanned across Fayetteville, from Skull Creek to the Tsa La Gi trail. If you’re interested in hands-on environmental work and love spending time outside, trail cleanups are a great way to spend your time and create tangible, physical change.

You can follow Recyclebacks on their Facebook, Instagram, and on their website.