Panoramic view of Nuclear power plant Jaslovske Bohunice with golden flowering field of rapeseed - Slovakia - two possibility for production of electric energy

Panoramic view of a Slovakian nuclear power plant with golden flowering field of rapeseed.

I’ve been objectively evaluating clean energy options for a decade, and I keep coming to the same conclusions. Wind and solar are great technologies that are continuing to improve, but we won’t likely see wind or solar alone push coal and natural gas out of the energy spotlight in this century.

Nuclear energy is the only option available to us at this time that can provide a carbon free source of energy all day every day.

Being concerned about the long-term storage of spent fuel rods and nuclear meltdowns is healthy, but the reality is that nuclear energy may very well be the safest form of energy we have available.  The data consistently shows that coal (our current energy source of choice) kills magnitudes more people than nuclear energy per kW of energy produced. The difference is that coal kills people slowly and consistently, while a nuclear meltdown makes a big splash that CNN can latch on to.

Our energy portfolio will have a place for wind and solar, but the only way to get dirty coal out of the picture is with responsible nuclear energy.

The video below is an easy watch and worth your time.


Want to learn more about the future of Nuclear Energy?

Come to the Pandora’s Promise Film Screening Wednesday, February 22, 2017 at 5pm in the UP Theatre

The film explores how and why nuclear technology is now embraced by many of those who once led the charge against it. It also seeks to answer how we can continue to power modern civilization without destroying it.

Free food will be given out before the screening and a panel discussion will follow the film.