Welcome to Fayetteville
The Associated Student Government at the University of Arkansas had the opportunity to meet with other student leaders from across the Southeastern Conference (SEC) to discuss objectives, share successful practices, collaborate on initiatives, etc. As part of the conference, each school was asked to submit a video presentation to showcase their respective organization and institution. This video, by UA Productions, is a parody of the show “House of Cards.” The video was a huge success at ASG’s SEC Conference.

“It was an excellent opportunity to work with UA Productions to create the House of Hogs video,” said Tanner Bone, ASG president. “They took our simple idea and turned it into an incredible promotional video for ASG. We’ve been waiting a long time to release this House of Cards parody to the public. #ToTheFinish”



Avoid. Deny. Defend.
A new video is now available to show members of the campus community how to respond if someone with a gun opens fire in a campus building. Part of the video is graphic and intended to provide a sense of what might happen in such a scenario.

“The active shooter video – Avoid, Deny Defend – was UA Production’s biggest production to date,” Henkel said. “The months of planning, script writing, and storyboard creation proved to be well worth the work. In order for the campus to take the message seriously our goal was to make the video as realistic as possible. We knew if it came across as cheesy it would not have the same impact.”

“The University of Arkansas Police Department was proud to work with the Division of Student Affairs on the creation of this video project,” Mills said. “The planning process was arduous but we wanted to make sure that the end product provides the information necessary to respond to an active shooter event on campus.”



Perspective. Perception.
Following inspiration from Michael Shainblum’s video, “Mirror City” UA Productions sought to showcase the University of Arkansas in a new way, adding mirror and kaleidoscope effects to timelapse video. “UofA Mirrored” gives you a whole new perspective of the University campus.



The Volunteer Action Center
The Volunteer Action Center (VAC) student leadership board is made up of an Executive Team as well as five Signature Program Teams. The VAC Board works to support a network of student volunteers and local agencies through programs, events, resources, such as the Jane B. Gearhart Full Circle Food Pantry and Givepulse, and bridging the gap between campus and community.


 Fun Fact: The VAC board members participate in more than 5120 hours of service each year with an economic impact of $120,627.

The VAC is housed in the Center for Community Engagement Office, A643, on the east side of the sixth floor in the Arkansas Student Union (above Au Bon Pain).