Sherrod Bryan said he enjoys Zaxby’s because he can move up at his own
                                                                                                                      pace.  Photo: Aubry Tucker

Fayetteville, Ark. – Sherrod Bryan, an assistant manager at fast food restaurant Zaxby’s, has a simple formula for success: try to maintain a cohesive dynamic with his coworkers.

 “The way I like to try to manage is to keep it more family and fun, than business and money,” Bryan said. That’s the best way to get work done and make the best food they can. He has a positive attitude about work: Bryan said he “has never had a bad customer.”

Bryan, 22, said as a manager, he is in a very trusted position. “You have to have a lot of integrity being the manager, because you handle money all day,” he said. As an assistant manager Bryan, used to be responsible for two different locations, yet the company recently closed one of the locations with little notice. Bryan said he was surprised to hear about the Zaxby’s location on College Avenue had closed and that he wasn’t informed ahead of time, or able to give his coworkers any notice. 

Bryan said no one was put out of a job, because Zaxby’s was able to offer alternative locations in the area to relocate their employees. He makes $11.50 an hour and has been working at Zaxby’s since 2014 when he was in high school. He recalled Zaxby’s increased the pay when Arkansas raised its minimum wage. 


When he first started at Zaxby’s, Bryan said he was more interested in  “doing school, hanging out with friends, and playing video gaming.” Now that he is full time, and trusted with more responsibilities it can be difficult to make time for his friends, “As far as just generally having a social life, it’s not as hard as some would think it is…I think you just gotta set time aside.” Bryan said. Bryan said he is happy to manage Zaxby’s because he can move up at his own pace. There is a considerable difference between managers, cooks and cashiers, jobs which Bryan has held during his time at Zaxby’s.

In his free time, Bryan said he enjoys doing parkour, the military exercise training, reading, playing video games, and singing. During the interview, he sang a bit of a song from one of his favorite movies, “The Nightmare Before Christmas.” Bryan said most of the money he makes seems to go to his cable bill, which is $200 a month. He was talked into a  much fancier package than he had first intended.

Aside from those interests, Bryan said he is passionate about cooking and he has attempted to recreate dishes he has seen on The Food Network. Bryan shares a living space with his fiance as well as his sister and her girlfriend. He and his fiancé try to make their food at home to save their extra cash. His rent is expensive but the cost is split among four people. Bryan and his fiancé have been engaged for about a year and a half, but he said they haven’t set a date for the big day just yet.