NOTICE > To assist with social distancing while providing safe, educational, and equitable access, the AT2D Lab is open by appointment only. A maximum of three individuals will be allowed in the lab at any given time. Appointments may be booked through the About > Appointments tab at the top of the page.


Per University and School of Art policy, all labs will require a face covering at all times and we are requesting that all individuals wash their hands before and after using the labs. Appointments must be made for any lab usage, eliminating walk-ins, to help us manage access to equipment and one-on-one instruction. Appointments may have a time limit in order to assist with equitable access while allowing us time to clean and disinfect after each visit. Each lab will have designated work areas/stations to ensure social distancing is being followed, to limit surfaces touched, and to assist with cleaning and disinfecting. We will denote high-contact surfaces with vinyl stickers to assist everyone in proper cleaning and disinfecting. 

The AT2D Lab website will be moving to a new location. 

Welcome to the AT2D Lab!

Located in the Fine Arts Building, UARK’s 2D Advanced Technology Lab (AT2D) is a group studio and classroom that houses computer controlled imaging, printing, and cutting equipment. The lab has toner and inkjet printers capable of printing on paper, fabric, and canvas up to fourty-four inches wide. We also have a dye sublimation printer and heat press as well as a glaze printer for ceramic decals. Seventeen iMac work stations with Adobe CC installed are available for use by students of the School of Art.

Student monitors are available to help with printing and troubleshooting, and the facility is managed by Loring Taoka. AT2D lab is available to students, faculty, and staff of the School of Art for design, coursework, and research projects.

The video to the right is an example of our dye sublimation printer and corresponding ceramic mug heat press!


We can be found on the third floor of the University of Arkansas Fine Arts Building (FNAR) in room 323.


The closest metered parking spots are in the Stadium Drive Parking Garage (SDPG) ajacent to the Arkansas Union Building.  Here’s more info on parking for visitors.