Biomimetic Surfaces for Mesenchymal Stem Sell Manufacturing

In this project, layer-by-layer polymeric surfaces are evaluated as coatings to enhance mesenchymal stem cell growth and immunomudolatory properties. Coatings of heparin and collagen are evaluated to enhance the response of soluble interferon gamma.

Regeneration of Damaged Neural Tissue Using a Collagen Scaffold Containing Neurotrophins

In this project, electrospun collagen scaffolds and layer-by-layer films are evaluated as strategies for peripheral nerve repair. Films are used as depot for important growth factor involved in nerve regeneration. Collagen scaffolds are used to provide support and cell guidance. 

Microneedle patch for drug delivery

In this project, a chitosan-based microneedle patch will be developed for delivery of pain-management medicine for cattle. This project is in collaboration with Dr. Lauren Greenlee from Chemical Engineering at UARK and Dr. Jeremy Powell from Animal Science at UARK. This project is funded by the University of Arkansas Chancellor’s Innovation Fund.