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The Bessie B. Moore Center for Economic Education is dedicated to promoting an understanding of the American economic system for Arkansans.  We believe that this can only be done by training teachers, giving them effective curriculum materials, and instilling an enthusiasm for teaching economics.


To deepen understanding, among Arkansas K-12 students and teachers, of the entrepreneurship-related opportunities afforded by the American economic system and to inspire students to pursue these opportunities.


To promote economic development in Arkansas by empowering K-12 educators to integrate the entrepreneurial way of thinking thereby supporting statewide startup initiatives.


· Develop engaging online educational resources that enhance understanding of the American economic system and its power to facilitate business and societal development.

· Distribute these educational resources among teachers and facilitate use of these resources in K-12 schools in Arkansas.

· Create experiential programs that stimulate the entrepreneurial mindset of K-12 students and that empower students to be innovative and proactive in their life choices and activities.


The Moore Center was dedicated in 1979 and named after Dr. Bessie Moore, the founder of economic education in Arkansas. It is affiliated with the Economics Arkansas and the Council for Economic Education, and has received national recognitions for exemplary teacher education programs and curricula. The founding director was Dr. Thomas McKinnon. In 2004 Dr. Rita Littrell became the director.

Bessie B. Moore

Thomas R. Mckinnon

Natural State Entrepreneurs:

Online Entrepreneurship Activities

Do you know that Patricia Upton was a Miss Arkansas from Heber Springs who used products from Arkansas’ forests to build an international business?  Or that P. Allen Smith built his media business teaching about food, gardening, heritage chickens and cooking from his homes in Little Rock and on Moss Mountain after he studied the gardens of England?  To find the answers to these questions and many more, play this online game created by Dr. Rita Littrell who leads the Bessie B. Moore Center for Economic Education.

Startup Culture in the Classroom

Do you know what first-generation girl from the Delta wrote children’s books about real-life kid entrepreneurs? Or which Springdale company mints officially licensed coins from fantasy titles such as Lord of the Rings or Game of Thrones?  Or that an autistic student from Springdale High School has started a cupcake business that will hire special needs students since their unemployment rate is high? To find the answers to these questions and many more check out the Startup Culture blog posts by Dr. Rita Littrell, director, Bessie B. Moore Center for Economic