Do you celebrate the holidays with gift giving?  Have you ever considered the amount of waste created by all the gifts? states,

“Every year, Americans use at least 40 million tons of paper products for wrapping, packaging, and decorating gifts during Christmas, birthdays, and other holidays.”

They also cite four million tons of trash generated from shopping bags and gift wrapping for special occasions.

Here are some ways to reduce waste, be a little kinder to your wallet, and impress your friends!

Check out these fun examples:

Got any old books/coloring books laying around? Color a page or paint with translucent paint and use it as wrapping paper or a bow. Take a look at these tutorials to make bows!

Paper Rose: Gift Topper & Gift Tag from


Make a collage with magazine pics! Just glue cutouts on a used box or container.

Brown Paper Packages Tied Up with String by Flickr user LornaWatt

Brown Paper Packages Tied Up with String by Flickr user LornaWatt

Cut out paper shapes, or spell names using this tutorial from The Huffington Post.


Purchase or make your own reusable fabric bag.


Tie boxes with twine or hair ribbons, or “wrap” it in a mason jar!


Remember, simple is beautiful.  Get creative this season and make your gifts even more special!

Want to see more?  Search Pinterest! Or check out this infographic for more details on holiday waste.