University of Arkansas WordPress

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WordPress websites are available for the following purposes. All sites and domains must be approved by University Relations and will be reviewed for content and accessibility.

  • blogs and e-publications
  • marketing specific micro-sites
  • special projects
  • events and conferences
  • labs and research centers
  • art and music studios
  • outreach programs
  • affinity groups

For more information on the university’s web standards, see the web section of the website.

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of sites are not eligible for WordPress?

WordPress sites are not available for personal sites or individual student assignments. Students can set up a free website through many different services, including Here are instructions for setting up a free WordPress site on that platform.

WordPress should not duplicate information found elsewhere on the university’s web presence, such as Blackboard, Digital Measures and departmental websites. For example, WordPress should not be used to submit classroom assignments or to display graduation requirements for a department. If you are unsure whether your site is appropriate for WordPress, please contact us for more information.

Can I create a password-protected site?

In some cases, you can add a password to a site or to individual pages. However, WordPress is intended to be used for public websites, and our ability to make sites private is limited. We recommend using Sharepoint, Teams and Outlook Groups for internal communications.

Can I use any theme I want?

We provide and support the CampusPress Flex theme for WordPress sites. This theme is designed to be easy to use and meets accesibility standards. Older sites on our network use the Divi theme, and we also support that theme. We cannot support other WordPress themes.

Can I create a custom child theme?

We do not allow custom child themes on our network because of the difficulty of providing support and continuity for these. If you have specific design requests, we can help you achieve those (as appropriate) within our existing themes. If you are considering hiring a designer for your WordPress site, please consult with us first to make sure you end up with a product that is compatible with our environment.

What plugins are available?

Our available plugins can be found in the “Plugins” menu item in your site dashboard. These are reviewed for quality and security by our hosting service. Because our plugins must meet strict standards, our list is limited. You can send requests for new plugins for review, and we will work with you to meet your need using the tools we have available.

Can I add custom CSS?

Most styling edits can be done with the theme customizer, but you can add custom CSS there as well. Keep in mind that large amounts of custom CSS can make it difficult for us to provide technical support for your site, especially if the site owner changes over time.

Who supports these sites?

IT Service provides WordPress access, templates and technical support. We work with University Relations to establish branding guidelines and site reviews. If you have any questions, email

I have an existing site hosted somewhere else. Can I move it here?

If you would like to move an existing site into our system, start by filling out the site request form. Keep in mind that sites on our system must use our themes, and sites that have been built with custom themes or with page builders may need to be redesigned. The site owner will be responsible for this.

Can I migrate my site to a different platform?

You can create and export of your site which can be uploaded to another WordPress site. Here are instructions for migrating a site to The process for migrating your site to a non-WordPress hosting service varies, and you’ll need to get that information from the hosting service.