Get Involved

We are always looking for people interested in helping out with the research and activities being conducted within the Anxiety Research Program. Two primary ways of getting involved, which are described in greater detail below, include participating in research and volunteering as a research assistant.

Participate in Research

There typically are multiple research studies being conducted within the Anxiety Research Program. You may be eligible to participate in one or more of these studies. Listed below are brief descriptions of some of the studies we are currently running, but be sure to contact us to determine if you are eligible for one or more of these studies as they frequently change.

Current Studies

  • We are currently running a study that is focused on better understanding how females between the ages of 18 and 35yrs physiologically and emotionally respond to audio recorded narratives of an interpersonal traumatic experience. The study involves one visit to our lab which lasts roughly 2hrs. Participants are asked to complete a series of questionnaires and listen to an audio recorded script while we take measurements of their heart rate and face muscle movements. The goal of the current study is to determine whether or not third-party audio recorded narratives can be used as a tool for future research as well as in a clinical setting. Upon completion of the study, participants will be granted SONA credit or be entered for a chance to win $100. For more information please contact Teah Bynion at (479) 575-3523. Reference ArKIDS Study 25.


  • We are currently investigating how sleep loss can impact emotion regulation strategies.  Students ages 18-30 without current mental health symptoms or sleep apnea can receive 8 credits through Sona. In this study, you will be asked to come to the lab for two consecutive days.  The first day, you will complete an in-person interview about your mental health history and complete some questionnaires to confirm study eligibility. If you are eligible, you will be asked to complete questionnaires followed by a brief EEG task.  For this task, an EEG cap that sits on the surface of your scalp will be placed on your head and you will be asked to sit still with your eyes open then closed for a total of 8 minutes.  After that you will be asked to complete a series of voluntary tasks involving that object. You will then be randomly assigned to a night of sleep deprivation, in which you stay awake until the end of your appointment the next day, or a night of regular sleep.  You will return to the lab to complete another set of questionnaires, and the same EEG task and voluntary tasks from the first appointment.  For safety reasons, participants will be required to agree not to drive to or from their appointment after sleep deprivation.  This will take you about 3 hours and 15 minutes spread across two appointments to complete. 

Become a Research Assistant

There are a lot of opportunities for getting research experience through the Anxiety Research Program. Please fill out the RA Application to obtain more information for getting involved.