Hall Facts

Why Adohi?

Adohi is a Cherokee word for “from the woods.”

This names honors the Cherokee who passed nearby the site following the Trail of Tears between 1837 and 1839. It was chosen in consultation with citizens of the Cherokee Nation, including members of the Cherokee speaker’s bureau.

A Trail of Tears marker is located approximately 1,500 feet south of the new residence hall.

It also references the sustainably sourced wood used in the cross-laminated timber construction.

General Information

  • Open to all University of Arkansas students regardless of classification or involvement in a Living Learning Community (LLC).
  • 708 beds through the hall
  • Remains open during academic breaks
  • The building is fully compliant with the Americans with Disabilities (ADA) Act
  • Razorback Transit stop at neighboring Pomfret Hall
  • Wireless internet access (Wi-Fi) in all student rooms and public spaces. In addition, there will one or two ethernet plugs in public areas.

Please see movein.uark.edu for more information.


  • New parking lot across from hall will open at the end of September.  
  • All resident reserved permit holders can park in “green” student lots on campus (Refer to the parking map).
  • Most lots are within 5 to 10 minutes walking distance including the largest, lot 56 which is a 9-minute walk to the south

Walking Distances

  • Distance to WCOB/Kimpel Hall 10 min. walk
  • Distance to ARKU and Mullins Library 12 min. walk
  • Distance to Bell Engineering 12 min. walk
  • Distance to HPER 6 min. walk
  • Distance to Old Main 14 min walk
  • Distance to Pomfret Dining 2 min. walk
  • Distance to Bud Walton Basketball Arena 4 min. walk

Common Spaces

  • No furniture may be removed
  • Some of the outdoor spaces are furnished
  • Half court – basketball
  • No covered walkway from Stadium Drive to the Pomfret Dining Hall
  • There is one elevator in the north and one in the south building – no elevator in the Cabin
  • All lounges are furnished
  • One community kitchen every other floor
  • Cabin connected to both wings has ping pong, billiards, video gaming area, movie and sports watching area, kitchen, lounge with gas fireplace all with a variety of tables, stools and chairs
  • All window blinds are 2” flat slat white and are 5’ wide x 5’-10” tall x 6” deep
  • All hallways, study lounges, community lounges and POD rooms have carpet
  • Front desk, cabin, stairwells, and academic space on B1 in south building are sealed concrete
  • POD lounge is 17’x10’. No decorating. These lounges cannot be secured.
  • The laundry room is located on the first floor of south and north buildings
  • Cable TV is in each student room, study lounges, pod lounges, community lounges and Cabin

Room Information

  • No furniture may be removed from the room
  • Except for the closets, all furniture in student rooms is movable
  • All student rooms have thermostats located on the wall
  • All student rooms are a single gender
  • All student room paint color off white color (specifically Benjamin Moore OC-20 pale oak)
  • All student rooms have luxury vinyl flooring
  • All bathroom floors have epoxy flooring
  • Decorating should be done using white putty used for posters, etc. Adhesive-backed decorations, nails, screws, colored putty, tape, hooks may not be used to decorate.

Provided Per Student in Room

  • The twin bed is a wooden loftable frame and can be adjusted to 11 different heights. The overall size is 38” wide x 86” long and the mattress is 10” thick, 36” wide and 80” long. The color is Cocobalea.
  • Built-in closet with rod but no doors (may want to hang a curtain with a tension rod) 3’ wide x 8’ x2’ deep
  • One Chest-of-drawers 30” wide x 24” x 30” high
  • One study table with one drawer 30” high with one drawer pedestal – 18” x 24” x 30” high
  • Chair – this ergonomic task chair easily converts into a floor rocker with a table/stool.  The seat is adjustable. Color – black

Not Provided

  • Corkboard/bulletin board
  • Bookshelves
  • Desk lamp
  • Ceiling fan

Suite Room Measurements

  • Suite Room dimensions and ceiling height 11’6 x 12’6 not including bathroom, sink, and closet. Ceilings are 8’ in entry/restrooms opening to 14’ high in the bedroom area.

Suite Bathroom

  • The countertop is 4’ wide w/ 5’ of standing space (typical countertop depth) with one sink and one open shelving below
  • One mirror
  • Toilet area 6’-6” x 4’
  • Two towel racks 

Pod room dimensions and ceiling height

In the comparison below, you can see a slight difference in the bedroom depth (just a little over 1’), but they are essentially the same size between the two types of rooms. The closets are the same size, but they are farther apart in the PODs allowing for the small cubby to be added by the door (2×2 next to the door with two upper shelves and a plug for a small refrigerator – provided by the student.

Bathrooms on floors with Pods

  • Community bathrooms are gender specific. Each bathroom has three sinks, two toilets, two showers. Privacy is provided by each toilet stall and shower. Changing areas are individual and have a door within the larger restroom. Sinks are together in one continuous countertop within a larger restroom.