Pictured above: Amanda Burge sits on the Arkansas Union floor where a residence hall room layout was marked out in tape.

Green tape on the floor outlined a future desk. Blue lines showed where a wall would exist.

Amanda Burge sat in a marked-off space on the Arkansas Union floor and explored a room not yet built.

“This could work,” said the architecture major, her fingers miming an imaginary laptop.

University Housing hosted a series of focus groups in February 2017 for students, staff and faculty to learn what the campus community wants in its newest residence hall.

Those insights were collected and integrated into the final design for the unique and innovative Stadium Drive Residence Halls project being built south of Pomfret Hall.

The Stadium Drive Residence Halls project opens Fall 2019. It’s open to all University of Arkansas students.

The 708-bed structure winds like a river across three interconnected buildings. Living spaces include two-person bedrooms, small-community living areas and ample meeting spaces for students.

“It is a unique community for the university. We’re combining a state-of-the art residential structure with programming and ‘maker spaces’ meant to foster the creative and entrepreneurial spirit of our students,” said Flo Johnson, assistant vice chancellor for University Housing.

Students talked with the project designers about what they would like to have in the new residence hall.

Creative Community

Students who live in the new hall will benefit from the unique educational programming and creative tools available on the first-floor of the building. 

This special programming for students comes from a partnership with University Housing, the Brewer Family Entrepreneurship Hub, the Fay Jones School of Architecture and the J. William Fulbright College of Arts and Sciences. The main theme of these programs will be how to apply creative skills to solve problems.

The hall also features special workstations where students can tinker and experiment with sound and video recording equipment, 3D printing and sewing. Other spaces allow students to practice or even perform as dancers, musicians or actors. There will be space dedicated to a student-led art gallery. 

In addition, six Living Learning Communities, or LLCs, are planned for the space. LLCs allow on-campus students to live alongside others who share common interests and participate in monthly activities that promote academic and personal success.

“Living Learning Communities are growing on campus. We have communities built around international education, business, engineering and military service,” said Stephanie G. Adams, Ed.D, associate director for academic engagement. “Now we get to connect more students with passion for the arts and creativity in a deeper way.”

Stadium Drive Residence Hall LLCs

The six new LLCs include:

Registration for these new LLCs is available now. An incoming student can select to participate in one of these communities when they complete their housing contract for next fall.